The representative of China calls for promoting the political process in Syria

Zhang Jun, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations, spoke at the Security Council’s open video conference on Syria’s political and humanitarian issues on the 20th, calling for promoting Syria’s political process, stabilizing the security situation, improving the economic and humanitarian situation, and lifting unilateral coercive measures against Syria.

Zhang Jun said that 10 years have passed since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis this year. It is the common aspiration of the Syrian people and the common expectation of the international community to achieve an early political settlement of the Syrian issue and restore peace and tranquility in Syria.

Zhang Jun called for firmly promoting the political process in Syria. He said that the fifth round of meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Commission will be held in Geneva next week. He hoped that all parties in Syria will resolve their differences through dialogue within the framework of the Commission, expand consensus and promote substantive progress in relevant work. The work of the constitution committee must be independent and free from outside interference. The international community should create favorable conditions for the Syrian parties to carry out dialogue, rather than blindly putting pressure on one side.

Zhang Jun called for stabilizing the security situation in Syria. He said that Syria’s current security threats mainly come from external occupation and terrorist activities. In the face of foreign forces and terrorist forces, the Syrian government has the right to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, take anti-terrorism actions and safeguard national security. The international community should adopt unified standards and support Syria to increase its anti-terrorism efforts. Terrorist forces should not be allowed to occupy the Idlib region all the time.

Zhang Jun called for improving the economic and humanitarian situation in Syria. He said that the Syrian government is actively taking actions to restore the economy, improve people’s livelihood and prevent and control the epidemic. The international community should help and make efforts to alleviate the local humanitarian crisis. Relevant UN departments should take measures to strengthen cooperation with the Syrian government and relevant parties to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian action.

Zhang Jun also said that unilateral coercive measures have seriously weakened Syria’s economic foundation and seriously hindered the Syrian people’s access to medical supplies and services. Sanctions diplomacy can not solve any problem, it will only bring endless suffering to the people of the countries concerned.


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