Early sleep is better than late rise

Stay up late, the next day people will be exhausted, often so great harm to the body. But for some occupations and people, it is not realistic to completely eliminate staying up late. They need to make some adjustments in diet, work and rest to minimize and repair injuries.

Eat three hours before bed. Dinner time is best set at about 3 hours before sleep, so visceral pressure is not big, blood sugar and blood pressure is stable, sleep is easier. If sleep is more than 4 hours away from dinner, you can have an extra meal about 1 hour before going to bed. Do not eat fried, barbecue type of food, can choose whole wheat bread, soup noodles, milk, eggs, nuts, apples, tomatoes and so on. It is better not to stay up late on an empty stomach, otherwise it will not only cause low work efficiency, but also cause digestive system discomfort and metabolic abnormalities.

Replenish water frequently. Stay up late in the process, every half an hour or an hour to get up and walk, drink warm water. Or the banana, papaya, orange and other fruit juice and yogurt mixed, can supplement water and nutrients at the same time. Eating root cucumber can also alleviate the water loss after staying up late. Drink a cup of warm water before going to bed, pay attention not to drink too much, so as to avoid eye edema the next day.

Go to bed early the next day instead of getting up late. People with insufficient sleep get up a few hours late at a time, which may break the biological clock and affect hormone secretion and autonomic nervous balance. If you want to make up for sleep, it is recommended that you go to bed early the next night instead of getting up late in the morning, and do not stay up late continuously, so as to avoid the reversal of the biological clock day and night and organ overload. For those who stay up late at work, it is not as effective to make up for sleep on weekends as it is to make up for sleep in a short time every day. In addition, stay up late the day before and have a 30-60 minute nap at noon.

Timely supplement of vitamins. There are several vitamins, often stay up late to supplement: 1. Vitamin A. Due to limited light at night, it is easy to dry and tired when using eyes for a long time. You can eat animal liver rich in vitamin A and dark green and orange fruits and vegetables. 2. Vitamin B2. It plays an important role in maintaining the normal color vision of eyes. It can also prevent conjunctivitis and skin inflammation. You can eat chicken liver, milk, eggs, etc. 3. Vitamin C. Vitamin C can prevent the increase of free radicals and body peroxidation caused by staying up late. It can also help to synthesize collagen and reduce skin problems caused by staying up late. So you can eat more kiwi fruit, lemon, orange, strawberry and other fruits. (song Rongrong, director of the third ward of Neurology, the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University)


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