Women’s health: menopause, are you ready

When it comes to menopause, many women feel that it is a sign of aging, and a melancholy of “helpless flowers falling” comes to mind. In fact, menopause is not all negative energy. We can see some changes in the body as a kind reminder that it’s time to get back together. This is an important time for us to pay attention to our own health, recuperate ourselves and get healthy old age.

According to experts from the Health Education Institute of Beijing CDC, menopause is a necessary physiological stage for women’s fertility, which usually starts at the age of 40 and lasts until the age of 60 to 65. Menopause, that is, a year without menstruation, is a sign of menopause. Here is a special reminder, postmenopausal sudden vaginal bleeding, most cases are bad, very few cases are good. If this happens, be sure to see a doctor. In addition, young women in their 20s and 30s, especially those who are thin and under great mental pressure, have menstruation every two or three months, and the frequency is getting lower and lower, indicating that ovarian activity is not active, which may also be a manifestation of menopause.

The following situations in the body remind us of the arrival of menopause: fever, accompanied by tachycardia and palpitation; hot flashes, that is, sweating; emotional problems, such as bad mood, easy to feel tired, easy to be excited, depression, suspicion, etc., serious will produce weariness; insomnia; urinary tract discomfort; bone pain, muscle pain, joint pain, bone loss; blood lipid rise High blood pressure, unstable blood pressure.

What can we do to deal with menopause? According to experts, whether menopausal symptoms affect the quality of life is a standard to judge whether medication is needed. If there are only mild symptoms, we can adjust them by changing our lifestyle, such as aerobic exercise, reasonable diet, psychological counseling, quitting smoking and avoiding second-hand smoke.

If after two or three months of good exercise and diet control, some disease indicators of the body still do not improve, or moderate to severe symptoms appear, and the disease has affected the quality of life, you can choose drug treatment. Through the regulation of neurotransmitters, help to get a more healthy menopause and old age.

Reporter Li Jie


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