On the age does calcium not absorb? It’s not right

Some people think it’s normal for them to lose calcium in their old age, even if they don’t absorb it. In fact, it is not the case that calcium supplementation is a process that we persist in all our lives and also a process to reduce our aging. When you get older, calcium supplement is not to make up for all the calcium lost before, but to do something to prevent the loss of calcium. With the growth of age, timely and effective calcium supplement, bone mineral density decreased slowly, generally will not appear the clinical symptoms of osteoporosis. Without calcium supplement, it will accelerate the negative balance of calcium and lead to osteoporosis. Old, can calcium still fill go in? Just use the right method.

Did calcium fill much kidney stone? On the contrary

Clinical work found that many people in the problem of calcium misunderstanding, the following two are very typical.

Misunderstanding 1: calcium can be effective in a short time. 55 year old Aunt Wang asked the doctor: “doctor, I have taken calcium tablets for two months. How can I check the bone mineral density or osteoporosis?”

This short-term calcium supplement does not change bone mass, but can only regulate blood calcium for a short time. Calcium supplement has a course of treatment, generally calculated by year, in strict accordance with the norms of calcium supplement, a year later to observe the improvement of bone mineral density, adhere to a few years can achieve better consolidation effect.

Myth 2: more calcium will lead to kidney stones. According to the regular literature, the probability of kidney stones in people with calcium deficiency is six times that of normal people. People take a lot of oxalic acid from food every day. If a part of oxalic acid is combined with sufficient calcium in the intestine and excreted through the intestine, the concentration of oxalic acid in the blood will decrease, and it is not easy to produce high concentration oxalic acid in the kidney, otherwise it will easily produce calcium oxalate crystal precipitation to form kidney stones.

Calcium supplement for the elderly is a long-term “systematic project”

For the elderly, what are the correct ways to supplement calcium? Here we suggest: multi angle calcium.

Food supplement dairy products, bean products, shrimp, sesame, fresh vegetables, a variety of nutrients absorption can effectively improve the utilization of calcium.

It is particularly important for the elderly to supplement calcium with drugs, inorganic calcium (calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, etc.) and organic calcium. At the same time, it needs half an hour of outdoor sunlight every day to produce enough active vitamin D3 to promote calcium absorption.

Skillful use of mechanical calcium, mechanical action in the bone absorption of calcium is huge, such as gravity. Walking and muscle strength training are beneficial to calcium absorption. When the old people who don’t like sports lie in bed or sit on the sofa for a long time, their muscles are in a relaxed state, so it is difficult to take calcium. Astronauts in space lack the stimulation of gravity on bones, and very good bodies will have osteoporosis.

Therefore, the elderly must increase outdoor activities and walking when their physical strength allows, so that their bones can fight against gravity and promote positive calcium intake. If you have osteoarthritis and can’t walk too much, or you are paralyzed in bed, you can use thruster training, massage and shock wave physical stimulation of muscle, appropriate mechanical stimulation can promote bone calcium absorption. At the same time, it can carry out non weight bearing exercise of limbs and body confrontation training to delay the loss of calcium.

If you don’t pay attention to calcium supplement after 30 years old, calcium needs to be removed from the bone stock to accelerate the loss of calcium. Chinese people mainly eat rice, noodles and vegetables with low calcium content. It is suggested that two bags of fresh milk (containing about 400mg calcium) per day can reach the minimum daily requirement. The daily requirement of the elderly should be more than 1000mg, and the calcium content in food is insufficient, so it needs to be supplemented from drugs.

If there is gastritis and enteritis, it is necessary to use drugs to improve gastroenteritis and promote calcium absorption. An appropriate amount of active vitamin D3 intake also greatly improves the intake efficiency of calcium.

These drugs help calcium absorption

Bisphosphonates, together with calcium and vitamin D, can achieve a proper proportion of calcium and phosphorus and promote calcium absorption. Bisphosphonates inhibit osteoclast activity, promote calcium absorption, maintain normal calcium, and reduce osteoclastic effect.

Calcitonin is secreted by parathyroid gland, which reduces blood calcium and makes it enter bone to supplement calcium deficiency. Use salmon and eel calcitonin, or zoledronic acid, to reduce bone dissolution. Such as systemic pain, can be injected calcitonin, central analgesic effect.

Intravenous infusion of technetium-99 radioisotope can stimulate bone absorption of calcium, which is a method to increase calcium absorption.

Estrogen after 50 years old, female estrogen decreased, can use estrogen replacement therapy. be careful! It’s not conventional therapy. This method can be used unless women have early hysterectomy due to uterine and ovarian problems. Normal menopause, other methods can be used to supplement calcium. Estrogen replacement therapy alone will increase the risk of cervical cancer, breast cancer and heart disease.

There is no statement of calcium supplement in traditional Chinese medicine. From the perspective of kidney deficiency and Qi deficiency, the symptoms of traditional Chinese medicine and calcium deficiency have greater overlap. All drugs that strengthen kidney, spleen and Qi have positive effects on calcium. Such as Qianggu Capsule, Gushukang capsule, etc. The composition of Jintiange capsule is similar to tiger bone, rich in bone collagen and trace elements, which is helpful for bone repair.

Yue Jianning (Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University)


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