Warm up moxibustion

The cold season is coming! This is also the last solar term of the 24 solar terms, the coldest period of the year in most parts of China. Today, I’d like to invite the doctors of Beijing Gulou Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to teach you some tips for keeping out the cold.

When the temperature is low, the metabolism of the human body slows down. Using the warm heat conduction of moxibustion can play a strong role in promoting blood circulation and warming the body. At the same time, it can also improve the body’s ability to resist the cold, adjust the Qi and blood meridians of the whole body, and has a good effect in prevention and treatment of common diseases in winter. The following three moxibustion points are recommended for warming up;

The location of moxibustion at Shenque point is in the center of umbilicus fossa. Moxibustion around Shenque can make Shenque and Guanyuan (3-inch below Shenque), Zhongwan (4-inch above Shenque), Tianshu (2-inch or 4-inch beside Shenque) and Daheng (Daheng) gradually warm and warm from the outside to the inside, thus making the whole body’s meridians and Qi and blood unblocked, achieving the effect of health and cold prevention.

Positioning of moxibustion at Xuehai point: bend the knee, 2 inches above the upper edge of the patella, at the bulge of the medial head of the quadriceps femoris. Moxibustion at this point can achieve the effect of nourishing blood, moistening dryness, dispelling wind and relieving itching.

Location of moxibustion at Sanyinjiao: 3 inches above the tip of medial malleolus, posterior margin of medial tibia. Three yin, foot three yin meridian. It’s also a meeting. The name of Sanyinjiao point refers to the intersection of Qi and blood in the three yin meridians of the foot at this point. This point has the damp and hot Qi provided by the spleen meridian, the water and damp Qi provided by the liver meridian, and the cold Qi provided by the kidney meridian. The three yin meridians meet here, so it is named Sanyinjiao point. Moxibustion at this point can strengthen the spleen and blood, regulate the liver and kidney.

In addition, there are also some notes about “cat winter” in the cold solar term

Going to bed early and getting up late, it is very important to get enough sleep time to get the positive energy of nature. In terms of daily life, we should comply with the characteristics of closed storage in winter, so as to go to bed early and get up late. Going to bed early is to raise the body’s Yang Qi, and getting up late is to raise the body’s Yin Qi.

When you go out, you should wear a hat to protect your hands and feet from the cold. When you go out, you should wear a hat, a collar and gloves. In the cold season, it is necessary to prevent the wind from blowing, “the head is the meeting of all the Yang”, and the head is the gathering place of the body’s Yang Qi. In the cold winter, when the head blows, it is very easy to cause the Yang brand to fall into the wind

Before going to bed, cold feet from the foot, cold from the legs up, a person’s legs and feet cold, the whole body is cold. “Three hundred steps after a meal, a pot of soup before going to bed” is beneficial to the prevention of frozen feet and disease prevention and health care. Bubble feet before going to bed in the cold season, prevent cold and disease, sleep well, you can use Chinese herbal medicine to dispel cold, wind, dampness and supplement Yang Qi to bubble feet. Especially those who like to read and write at night, and sit long into the night, should soak their feet before going to bed.

Song Yue (Beijing Gulou Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine)


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