Soak feet: time and water temperature

Winter cold, in addition to drink mutton soup tonic warm-up, foot is also a good choice. As the saying goes, “all kinds of diseases start from cold, and cold comes from foot”. Soaking feet with hot water every day can dispel cold and relieve fatigue. Huang Yongmei, director of traditional Chinese Medicine Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said that feet are the “second heart” of human beings. By soaking and massaging the feet, feet can be transferred from the meridians to the related parts of internal organs, which can smooth the whole body’s Qi and blood, regulate the functions of various organs, improve the body’s self-defense and immunity, and achieve the effect of strengthening health.

How to make a scientific study is a subject. Proper operation will strengthen the body; improper operation will damage the health. Therefore, the appropriate foot bath, water temperature, water volume and time are very important.

The choice of foot bath: the choice of foot bath should be as high as possible, so that it can soak more than 2 / 3 of the leg. In addition, the best choice of Chinese medicine feet barrel or enamel basin. Because the chemical composition of copper basin, aluminum basin and other metal basin is not stable, it is easy to react with tannic acid in traditional Chinese medicine and produce harmful substances such as iron tannate, which greatly reduces the efficacy of drugs.

Water temperature: the water temperature of feet should not be too hot or too cold, because it is too cold and easy to cause cold and other discomfort, too hot will scald the skin. The best water temperature for adults is about 38 ℃ – 43 ℃; children are extremely sensitive to temperature, while the elderly are insensitive to temperature. The best water temperature for both feet is about 35 ℃ – 40 ℃, and the family should try the water temperature first to prevent scalding.

Water volume: when soaking feet, the water volume should be over the ankle to the middle and lower leg. Don’t dry bubble when soaking your feet. Massage your feet at the same time. For example, after soaking feet for about 5 minutes, you can massage the soles of feet and toes with both hands in warm water, or alternatively rub the left and right feet until the soles of feet are hot.

Time: the best time to soak feet is 20-30 minutes. If the soaking time is too short, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. However, if the feet are soaked for a long time, the blood vessels of the feet will expand excessively, and the blood in the body will flow more to the lower limbs, which is easy to cause insufficient blood supply to the heart, brain, kidney and other important organs, resulting in chest tightness, dizziness and other reactions, and even fainting in serious cases. In addition, children’s skin is more delicate, not long bubble, and bubble foot time is too long, plantar ligament will become loose, not conducive to the formation and maintenance of arch development, so children’s bubble foot time can be shortened to 10 minutes.


Pay attention to the following details

Although foot soaking is good, it is not suitable for everyone

1. Half an hour before and after meals is not suitable for foot soaking, and foot soaking is best carried out one hour after meals.

2. People with foot diseases (such as foot inflammation, trauma, skin ulceration or scalding), or patients with vascular related diseases (such as thrombosis, hemangioma, arterial occlusion, etc.) should not soak their feet to avoid local infection or aggravation of the disease.

3. Patients with diabetes should be careful to soak their feet. If you want to pay special attention to the water temperature, you can first let your family measure the water temperature or use a thermometer to monitor the water temperature. The water temperature should be controlled at 38 ℃ – 40 ℃.

4. Pregnant and menstrual women should be careful foot bath, especially not with Chinese medicine foot bath.

5. Infants should not soak their feet; if children soak their feet, pay attention to the water temperature should not be too hot and the time should not be too long.

6. It’s OK to sweat slightly when soaking your feet. Don’t sweat too much. It’s recommended to drink a cup of warm water to supplement water after soaking your feet. (Reporter Yu Yanhong, correspondent Xu Yongyi)


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