IOC member: Tokyo Olympic Games should be held in “no spectator mode”

IOC member: Tokyo Olympic Games should be held in

International Olympic Organizing Committee member pound (Kyodo)

Covid-19, January, 21, International Olympic Committee member Pound said on that International Olympic Committee did not cancel and postpone the plan of the Olympic Games in Beijing, but the event should be held under the “no audience mode” considering the current global crown disease.

According to the report, pound held a negative attitude towards the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the postponement of the games to 2024 with Paris, but suggested that only domestic audiences should be allowed to enter or adopt the “no audience mode” completely. Pound is the longest serving member of the International Olympic Organizing Committee. He is also the first member of the International Olympic Committee to say that the Tokyo Olympics may not be held in 2020.

In addition, Tony estengay, chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Paris Olympic Games, also said on the 20th that he also supports the “no audience mode” rather than canceling the Tokyo Olympic Games. “We have to face the reality. I can understand that BOCOG and the Japanese government need to make great efforts to overcome the current predicament,” he said in an interview with French media. (overseas webmaster Xiluo)


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