Make a fuss? Bali punishes tourists who do not wear masks for doing push-ups, locals: some foreigners are “disobedient”

Singapore’s Channel News Asia reported on the 20th that several incidents of police forcing tourists without masks to do push-ups in Bali, Indonesia, triggered public controversy.

In a video released by the ABC, the police stopped several cyclists who were not wearing masks and asked them to do push-ups in the street. You will be fined 50 push-ups if you don’t wear a mask, and 15 push-ups if you don’t wear the mask correctly. The local government stated that 80% of those punished for violating epidemic prevention regulations are foreigners. They also warned that foreign citizens would be deported if they violated epidemic prevention regulations. This incident has caused controversy on the Internet. Some people feel that this practice is “big fuss”, while locals are angry at some foreigners’ non-compliance with the epidemic prevention regulations, calling them “vulgar” and “disobedient.” (Liu Su)


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