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On January 21, the Chinese government announced a list of sanctions against US Anti China politicians who seriously violated China’s sovereignty and were mainly responsible for China related issues during the trump administration. The list includes 28 people including Pompey o, Navarro, Bolton and Bannon. These people and their families have been banned from entering the mainland of China, Hong Kong and Macao. They and their affiliated enterprises and institutions have also been restricted from dealing with and doing business with China.

It’s a wonderful time to impose sanctions on these 28 people after the new President Biden takes office. It not only imposed sanctions on US politicians who maliciously damaged Sino US relations in the past few years for their own political self-interest and Prejudice and hatred against China, but also avoided the active deterioration of Sino US relations.

In the congressional hearing of Biden administration cabinet on January 19, many important cabinet members made tough and provocative remarks about China. After the release of the sanctions list, members of Biden’s administration may need to re-examine the China related policies of his team.

The 28 Anti China politicians and their families are involved in a large number of people and complicated interests. Sanctions will cause internal differences of interests, intensify contradictions, and divide American Anti China groups.

Enterprises and institutions associated with the sanctions list of 28 Anti China politicians are also restricted from dealing with and doing business with China. China is the only major country in the world with positive GDP growth in 2020, and its overall economic scale is only second to that of the United States. The financiers behind pompeio and others will suffer huge losses, and they also provide samples for the capital that intends to invest in American Politics: if American capital maliciously destroys Sino US relations and invests in Anti China politicians who interfere in China’s internal affairs, it will lose everything.

In addition, China is gradually opening up its financial sector and Hong Kong and Macao are deeply involved. But Pompeo and the consortia that support them can’t get a share. Is it urgent? This time, the scope of sanctions is relatively large, and a large part of the funds of the Hong Kong rebels will be cut off, which is conducive to the further removal of foreign forces interfering in Hong Kong.

This list and method of sanctions shows that there is no possibility for China to compromise on issues involving China’s core interests and national sovereignty, and issues involving Hong Kong and Macao. At the same time, it is also a signal to the capital that embraces globalization and free trade, showing determination and courage to the Western Anti China political forces; those who are willing to go against China are welcome, and those who want to stir up trouble and make a fool of themselves will suffer.

In dealing with the Sino US relations after Biden came to power, China made a good move first. The next question is: how does the Biden team interpret it?


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