Cold winter holding hot health tea, but some people drink the more angry! The doctor reminds: health tea is not to be able to drink if you want

In winter, the weather is cold and dry, and human activities will be relatively reduced. In order to resist the cold, making a cup of health tea every day has become a standard for many citizens in winter. Nowadays, health tea is no longer the “patent” of the elderly. More and more young people begin to pay attention to health care, and making a cup of health tea is also popular among young people. However, there are many kinds of health tea on the market with different effects. If you don’t choose the right health tea, it will not play a role in health care. On the contrary, it will cause discomfort.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the first hospital of Wuhan City, the second hospital of China Resources WISCO and other hospitals that since the beginning of winter this year, the number of patients with dry heat, sore mouth and deficiency caused by indiscriminate drinking of health tea has increased significantly.

A cup of health tea a day makes my father angry

Huang’s 62 year old father lives in a family of ~ mouth, drinking a cup of health tea every day, which is his usual habit. Since the beginning of winter, the temperature in Wuhan has been continuously low. Drinking a mouthful of hot health tea makes Huang dad feel very comfortable.

Recently, Huang’s father felt that he was on fire and his whole body was hot and dry. At first, he thought it was caused by the long time of turning on the heating, so he did not turn on the heating for several days, but the situation of hot and dry did not decrease. He thought that drinking tea was good for clearing away heat and fire. He could drink several cups of health tea a day. Unexpectedly, it didn’t reduce the phenomenon of dryness and heat. On the contrary, he began to have sores in his mouth and mouth. He came to the first hospital of Wuhan with unbearable pain.

Zhang Nian, deputy director of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine of the hospital, carefully examined and found that there was herpes near the corner of Huang’s mouth and ulcer in his mouth, which was the symptom of getting angry. Through detailed consultation, he learned that Huang’s father was caused by drinking health tea which did not conform to his constitution. He asked him to stop drinking health tea immediately and prescribed Yin nourishing and heat clearing medicine to dispel fire.

Stomach pain caused by drinking health tea

Nowadays, many young people have joined the ranks of health, drinking health tea has gradually become a habit of young people’s life. Ms. Hu, 32, is a white-collar worker. She pays great attention to daily maintenance. Seeing that her colleagues are drinking health tea, she looks very good. So she bought Hawthorn flavor health tea according to her own taste. After drinking for some time, her stomach began to ache, so she came to the first hospital in Wuhan.

Zhang Nian found that Ms. Hu had more acid in her stomach, which might be related to her long-term drinking of Hawthorn flavored health tea. Therefore, he asked Ms. Hu to stop drinking Hawthorn flavor health tea, and according to her constitution prescribed the appropriate prescription.

Zhang Nian said that 60% of the patients treated with health tea did not understand their own constitution. In particular, young people like to follow suit when they buy health tea, which is often not suitable for their own physique and prone to physical discomfort.

Be sure to know your constitution before drinking tea

Yesterday, the reporter found that tea drinks with health preserving effect are sold in all major supermarkets, and there are many kinds of tea drinks. When the reporter told the sales staff that he was physically deficient in winter and wanted to choose a suitable health tea, the health tea recommended by different supermarket clerks was different. What’s the taboo about health tea? 90%


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