unexpected trouble! The bus suddenly stopped, and the woman was thrown 2 meters away and died!

According to online news, on January 16, when a bus in Shanghai entered the station, it collided with a taxi on the left to change the lane and enter the station to carry passengers. The bus suddenly braked. A female passenger was thrown 2 meters away and fell to the ground again. Two passengers in the bus were injured.

On January 18, Pudong Bus announced that a 38 year old female passenger was seriously injured and died on January 17 after rescue.

The inertia of taking the bus is so great that it even takes people’s lives! At present, the cause of the accident is under further investigation.

unexpected trouble! The bus suddenly stopped, and the woman was thrown 2 meters away and died!

It’s related to medicine. When taking the bus, if the car brakes suddenly, and the passengers don’t sit well, it’s easy to cause the head to hit sharp objects at high speed under the action of inertia. In this case, the brain will appear contusion, bleeding and other symptoms, and then cause cerebral hernia.

Cerebral hernia is a kind of clinical critical, acute and severe disease with rapid occurrence and poor prognosis. It has the characteristics of high mortality and disability rate. When brain hernia develops to failure stage, it can cause severe increase of intracranial pressure, lead to severe brain stem damage, and it is difficult to maintain vital signs. At that time, Hua Tuo will not be able to return to life.

The moment of life and death, when we take the bus, we must pay more attention! The most important thing is to fix yourself well. If you have a seat belt, you must fasten it. If you don’t have a seat belt, you must stand firm and hold it!

unexpected trouble! The bus suddenly stopped, and the woman was thrown 2 meters away and died!

What are the precautions for taking a bus?

1. Hold it steady after getting on the bus

After getting on the bus, the driver will not wait for all the people to sit down before starting the car. When the driver starts suddenly, the inertia inside the car is large. If he does not hold the car well, he will easily fall down. It is suggested that passengers hold their hands well after getting on the bus, and then try to find a seat close to them.

2. Try to sit forward in the car

The three or four rows behind the driver’s seat are relatively stable. It is suggested that the elderly, pregnant women, children and other groups should sit in the front position and try not to sit in the back position, because the tail is very bumpy.

3. Do not run in the car

When riding, many children will chase, play and fight in the car, and some parents will let it go. This is a very dangerous behavior! When you run and play in the car, you must stop it in time!

4. Stop the car and get up

Many people have the habit of getting up early if they are going to their destination by bus. For buses, especially in busy urban roads, sudden stop is very common. Many drivers are even grumpy, but no matter how others scold you, you should put your life safety first. Don’t get up and get off if the bus doesn’t stop steadily. You must wait until the bus stops steadily!


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