Lotus root has many benefits in winter

Lotus root is one of the common ingredients. In compendium of Materia Medica, Li Shizhen said that lotus root “is taken by doctors as food, but all kinds of diseases can be cured”, which shows the great therapeutic effect of lotus root.

Yu Anqi, deputy director of Department of gynaecology, tongdewei branch, Affiliated Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Guangzhou Medical University, said that lotus root can be used raw or cooked. Raw lotus root can clear away heat, cool blood and disperse blood stasis. Cooked lotus root has the effect of invigorating spleen, appetizing stomach, benefiting blood and promoting muscle. She recommends two kinds of dietotherapy to you:

1. Stewed lotus root with rock sugar

Raw materials: 150g lotus root, 10g rock sugar

Method: lotus root with festival, wash and cut into thin slices, put into the stew cup with rock sugar, simmer for 1 hour with water.

Efficacy: tonifying spleen and stomach, tonifying blood and stopping bleeding. It is suitable for bleeding of mouth and nose, postpartum hemostasis, etc.

Lotus root and spare ribs soup

Raw materials: 2 lotus roots, 500g pig spine

Methods: wash and cut the pig’s spine into sections, and let it fly. Wash the lotus root, cut it into pieces with a hob, and put 3 pieces of ginger together in a soup pot. Put clear water without raw materials. After boiling over high fire, simmer it for one hour. When the meat is cooked, add salt to taste it.

Efficacy: Buzhong Yiqi, Jianggu Shengji. The main tonic five viscera, Xiaoshi Zhixie.

Warm tips: raw lotus root is not suitable for those with deficiency of spleen and stomach, cold stomach and diarrhea. Avoid using iron to cook lotus root. (all media reporter Zhang Qingmei, correspondent Wang Jian, Liang Yiyin)


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