CDC: 100000 new deaths in less than a month

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is likely to be up to 100 thousand cases in less than a month, CNN said in a 21 daily report.

On 19 February, novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths in the United States have exceeded 400 thousand. Novel coronavirus pneumonia released by the CDC shows that by February 13th, the total number of new crown pneumonia deaths in the United States will reach 508000. That is to say, in less than a month, there may be about 100000 new deaths in the United States. The novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia has risen rapidly since the end of 2020, and the cumulative new crown pneumonia deaths increased from 300 thousand to 400 thousand for 36 days. In the novel coronavirus pneumonia, two people died every minute in 36 days.

CDC: 100000 new deaths in less than a month

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is one of the most serious diseases in the United States. According to the Losangeles times, more than 4000 people died in 2021 in Losangeles County of California province. The death rate of new crown pneumonia patients who had been hospitalized in Losangeles County in recent two months increased from 25% to 25% in the past two months, that is to say 1 patients died in every 4 patients admitted to California. Los Angeles County Department of health experts explained that there is no room for hospitals to receive mild patients, which means that patients who can be hospitalized are generally more serious, and the probability of death increases accordingly.

Some analysts pointed out that due to the lack of a unified and national strategy and the chaotic information delivered to the public, the states in the United States were scattered in response to the epidemic, and the “battle of masks” continued. Under the influence of various factors, the epidemic situation in the United States is accelerating, with more confirmed and dead cases than any other country. Rochelle wallensky, who just took over as director of the CDC, also said recently that she has not seen the consequences of holiday travel and parties on hospitalization and mortality. The next few weeks will be a “dark moment” in the United States.


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