More than 24 million cases have been confirmed, and more stringent “mask order” has been implemented in the United States

Original title: stricter “mask order” in the United States

Xinhua news agency, covid-19, January (reporter Guo Qian) the new US President Joseph Biden signed 21 administrative orders involving the prevention and control of new crown diseases on 21, one of which required people to wear masks at airports and on various public transport vehicles. 22, Beijing, China.

The United States is the most serious country in the world, with more than 24 million newly diagnosed cases and more than 400 thousand deaths. It is Biden’s top priority to introduce a national epidemic prevention and control policy.

More than 24 million cases have been confirmed, and more stringent

This is the White House on January 20 in Washington, D.C. (Xinhua news agency, photo by Shen ting)

Biden signed more than 10 administrative orders in the afternoon, one of which required people to wear masks and keep social distance in federal buildings. Biden said, “time can’t be wasted” and “these [executive orders] are just the beginning.”. On the same day, he urged state and local governments to also implement “mask orders” in their construction facilities, and called on the American people to insist on wearing masks within 100 days.

Biden signed a special “mask order” on the 21st. The executive order stipulates that people must wear masks on certain types of public transport at airports. These means of transportation include most rail trains, airplanes, ships and intercity buses.

According to the associated press, the “mask order” issued by the federal government covers a wide range, and there is little room for people to “exploit”. Previously, some people refused to wear masks in public on the grounds of violating personal freedom.

More than 24 million cases have been confirmed, and more stringent

On January 20, mounted police guard in New York Times Square. (Photo by Wang Ying, Xinhua News Agency)

“We ask every American to do his or her part to defeat the virus, which requires the cooperation of the whole nation,” said Jeffrey zintz, a White House official who coordinated the national response to the epidemic

In addition, the Biden administration has set a number of epidemic prevention and control goals. These goals include: to vaccinate 100 million people within 100 days of Biden’s assumption of office; to reopen most of the basic education institutions from kindergartens to junior high schools and resume offline teaching within the same period; to open and operate 100 vaccination centers in the United States within one month; to launch special projects from February so that people can buy and vaccinate at local pharmacies Vaccines.

Biden’s government also plans to set up a special working group to ensure that ethnic minorities and other groups get enough medical resources.


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