Pfizer’s delay in vaccine delivery arouses anger in Europe Italy: see you in court!

Pfizer last week temporarily slowed down the delivery of new crown vaccines on the grounds that its Belgian pharmaceutical factory needed to be revamped to increase production capacity, which caused dissatisfaction from many European countries. The Italian government threatened to take Pfizer to court.

Domenico arcuri, Commissioner of Italy’s new coronavirus emergency committee, said in a statement on the evening of the 19th that a number of ministers and local government leaders met to consider “protecting Italian citizens in civil and criminal courts if possible” and “unanimously decided” to take measures against Pfizer in the next few days.

Pfizer will reduce the dose of vaccine delivered to Italy by 29% from the 18th. Alcuri said that Pfizer informed Italy on the 19th that it could not make up 29% of the vaccine delivery gap next week, and intended to & lt; slightly reduce & gt; the delivery volume.

Stefano & middot; bonaccini, President of Italy’s Emilia romagne region, told Reuters that due to insufficient vaccine supply, many places have been forced to slow down or even suspend vaccination to ensure that those who have received the first dose of vaccine get a second dose.

A Pfizer spokesman declined to respond to the Italian legal threat on the 20th.


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