British media: EU dissatisfied with Britain’s “devaluation” of ambassador status

London, January 21 (Reuters) – Britain has refused to give full diplomatic status to the EU ambassador in London, and the two sides, who have just split up, are in dispute again, BBC reported on Thursday local time.

The UK decided to withdraw from the EU in a referendum in 2016. This painful process was completed on December 31 last year, and brexit has been in full force since then.

According to the report, the British Foreign Office is not willing to give EU ambassador to the UK Joao Valle de Almeida and his team complete diplomatic status and rights because the EU is not a sovereign state.

The European Commission said that 143 European missions around the world have been given the status of diplomatic missions of sovereign countries, and the UK knows this very well.

The report also said that a spokesman for the European Commission said that Britain had always recognized the diplomatic status of the EU delegation before brexit, and there was no reason for Britain to change its position after brexit;.


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