US media: Biden administration will re contact who

According to the Washington Post website on January 20, it is estimated that the Biden administration will resume contact with who and join in multilateral efforts to distribute vaccines around the world, thus overturning the two decisions of the trump administration to wean the United States from public health diplomacy during the outbreak.

The new covid-19 outbreak plan, which is released by the White House website, vows &ldquo, and immediately restores our relationship with who, which is not perfect but is crucial for coordinating global response during the outbreak. &rdquo.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia Anthony &middot Blinken Blinken said at the appointment hearing on Tuesday local time that the United States will take part in the new &rdquo vaccine implementation plan.

According to the report, by taking prompt action on these two issues, the new government has indicated that it will return to cooperation in the new crown crisis. However, after months of attacks, threats and domestic chaos against who, the future role and influence of the United States is still unclear.

The report also said that it is believed that Biden’s ability to rejoin the fight against the epidemic will be a preliminary test of his ability to re engage with other countries in the world after the four-year “us first” policy in the United States.

In addition, according to the website of the US consumer news and business channel on January 20, President Biden chose Anthony fudge to lead the US delegation to the WHO meeting this week, reversing the plan of outgoing president trump to withdraw from the international organization.


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