US media: “purple” at the inauguration ceremony symbolizes unity

According to the website of USA today on January 20, during this week’s presidential inauguration, one color is particularly prominent: purple.

Kamala & middot; Harris was dressed in purple on vice president’s inauguration day. Gil, &middot, novel coronavirus pneumonia, is going to be the first lady of the Lincoln Memorial. Biden, who is reflecting on the pond in Lincoln Memorial on Tuesday night, also wears this color when he is dying of the new crown pneumonia.

Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and former first lady, also wore purple on Wednesday local time. Why?

Onlookers pointed out that purple is a combination of red and blue, symbolizing the unity of the two parties. Clinton stressed this in a speech to reporters at the Capitol building after Biden was sworn in.

Hillary Clinton said: “I have a real intention to wear purple because I know the theme of President Biden’s speech is unity. Red and blue represent the political factions of our country. When they are combined, they get purple. I want to show by this dress that we need to unite. ”

Jonathan Cohen, who designed the costume for Biden’s Tuesday night local time event, wrote on instagram: “Red + blue = purple. This moment is about unity. It’s not red against blue, it’s all of us united as a nation. ”

Actor Jane Lynch also noticed the symbolism of dress colors, the report said, tweeting: “the Clintons wear purple, the bushes wear blue, and the Obamas wear red. This is unity. ”


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