Japanese media: retired former presidents of the United States

Japan’s “Daily News” published a report entitled “retired former presidents of the United States” on January 18, saying that President trump ended his four-year term on January 20. What kind of jobs does a U.S. president usually do after he leaves office? The report will look for answers from the experiences of several former presidents. The excerpts are as follows

Life is rich and colorful

According to the current system, the president of the United States will receive an annual pension of $220000, equivalent to the salary level of current ministers. In addition, all former presidents can enjoy the protection of secret service personnel for life.

The construction of the Memorial Library named after the former president has become a tradition since the 1940s. The Presidential Records Act of 1978 made the president’s files public property. As long as they have left office for five years, the documents in the library will become the objects of information disclosure and shoulder the heavy responsibility of telling the history to the future generations.

Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, set up the Obama foundation in 2014, during his term of office, and began the preparatory work of the library. The Obama foundation is also involved in training young people and supporting regional activities.

Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, was also addicted to painting. He not only held art exhibitions, but also published his own collection of paintings, from which the proceeds were mainly used to support charitable activities. In an interview with local media in 2017, Bush said that painting itself is a calming activity.


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