The UN Secretary General wants 2021 to be a year of healing

Covid-19, December (Xinhua) Wang Jiangang, Secretary General of the United Nations, delivered a new year address to Guterres on 28, calling on the international community to face the danger and difficulties caused by the new crown, and to unite and live together in harmony, making 2021 a year of healing. In his covid-19 video address, Guterres said that in 2020, the new crown outbreak completely upset people’s lives and plunged the world into pain and sorrow. Poverty, inequality and hunger are becoming increasingly serious, employment opportunities are decreasing, and the debt burden is increasing. Guterres also said that at the moment of the epidemic, people have “extended a helping hand to their neighbors and strangers”, front-line staff have made all-out efforts, scientists have developed vaccines at an unprecedented speed, and countries have made solemn commitments to deal with climate change. These actions and phenomena have made people “see hope” in the new year. He pointed out that if people can unite and work together, these lights of hope will surely illuminate the whole world. Only by pull together in times of trouble can the international community overcome the twin crises caused by climate change and the new crown epidemic.

Editor: Tan min


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