Samsung leader and park Geun hye were put in the same prison for four weeks

Lee Jae Jung, the leader of Samsung, was sentenced to two and a half years for bribery. On the 18th, he was detained in Seoul detention center, South Korea, where he was in the same prison as former President Park Geun hye. According to Yonhap news agency, Li Zairong’s latest test for new coronavirus was negative, but due to strict prison epidemic prevention requirements, he had to be isolated in prison for four weeks and undergo a second test before he could formally serve his sentence.

This (20) morning, the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Korea announced that an epidemic occurred in the Seoul detention center where Li Zairong and park Geun hye were detained, and a staff member was diagnosed. As park Geun hye had been travelling with the confirmed patient, she was determined to be a close contact and quickly accepted the test. Although Park Geun hye’s test result was negative, she will be sent to the hospital outside the prison for quarantine observation in the afternoon due to her age (69 years old).

According to earlier reports, the Seoul High Court of South Korea made a judgment on the retrial of Li Zairong’s bribery case on the 18th. Li Zairong was jailed for two and a half years and was re jailed in court. The court found that Li Zairong bribed Park Geun hye and her crony Cui shunshi 8.68 billion won (about 51 million yuan) in exchange for the government’s support for his succession to the SamSung group.


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