Who will preside over Trump’s impeachment trial? Or vice president elect Harris

According to ABC News on the 19th, who will preside over the second impeachment trial of President trump in the US Senate is still an open question. According to the constitution of the United States, Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court should preside over the trial of the president of the United States, but there are still some variables.

According to the report, some Republicans represented by former judge Michael middot ruttig of the federal court of appeal believe that since the United States has no precedent to try the former president, the whole impeachment trial can be regarded as unconstitutional, so Roberts should not preside over the trial. If an invitation is made to Roberts, his participation is likely to depend on his own interpretation of the law. At the same time, if trump or his legal team questions the constitutionality of the federal court proceedings, Roberts may also choose to avoid the Senate trial. In this case, Roberts and the justices may eventually be asked to rule.

According to ABC analysis, if Roberts is not in, the responsibility for hosting may fall on vice president elect camara & middot; Harris. In addition, Vermont Senator Patrick & middot; Leahy may also be the candidate.

On January 6, trump supporters forcibly broke into the Capitol building and clashed with armed police, resulting in many deaths and injuries. Since then, all walks of life in the United States have blamed trump for the riots. On the afternoon of January 13 local time, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an impeachment case against trump, charged with “sedition.”;. It also made trump the first president in American history to undergo two impeachments. Before that, trump was impeached for trying to seek help from Ukraine to discredit his political opponents.

According to American law, after the impeachment bill is submitted to the Senate, the Senate will hear the impeachment case and vote on it. If more than two-thirds of the senators support it, that is, the president is impeached and the vice president takes over the presidency. If less than two-thirds of the seats support it, the president will continue his term of office. Trump expressed his “condemnation” for this, saying that it would “bring danger” to the country;. Biden, the president-elect of the United States, believes that the top priority now is to deal with other urgent affairs of the country. Trump’s private lawyer, Rudy & middot; Giuliani, recently said he would defend his impeachment.

According to the analysis of the New York Times, when trump is about to leave office, impeachment seems to be of little significance, but for trump, the impeachment will leave a stain on his political career. If he is convicted, according to the constitution of the United States, the Senate may consider & lt; depriving him of the qualifications to hold and enjoy any position of honor, responsibility or salary under the United States;. Bill & middot; pres, an American political columnist, said that if Trump’s impeachment fails, the provisions on impeachment in the US Constitution will be “in vain”;. Lisa McClain, a Republican congressman who opposes impeachment, worries that impeachment of trump may further tear the country apart. After all, the more urgent issue for the United States is the peaceful transfer of power and the stability of the overall situation of the country, rather than the removal of trump who will leave the White House a few days later. ”


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