The first female director of the CIA announced her resignation and was sanctioned by Iran on the same day

On the 19th local time, haspell, the first female director of the CIA, announced her resignation.

According to Forbes and today’s Russian website, haspell did not mention the reason for her resignation. The date she announced was the day before Biden took office. Also on the 19th, a spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry announced that it would include US President trump, Secretary of state Pompeo, CIA director hasper and other senior US officials on the sanctions list.

Haspell was appointed the first female director of the CIA in 2018. She was born as a professional agent. Early in his career, haspell managed the CIA’s “black prison” in Thailand;. According to the decrypted cables, the CIA used barbaric means to interrogate suspects in the “black prison”, including a 17 day water sentence on a prisoner.


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