California to stop 330000 doses of Modena vaccine

California to stop 330000 doses of Modena vaccine

After the injection of Moderna vaccine in California, it is suspected that too many people have serious allergic reactions, and the official urged to suspend the use of the same batch of vaccine. The picture shows people vaccinated in Los Angeles, California. Xinhua News Agency

The United States has launched the new crown vaccination program for some time, but the epidemic has not eased. According to NBC, the national death toll rose to more than 400000 yesterday. Health officials of the California government also revealed that some people in the state were suspected to have serious allergic reactions after receiving the new coronal vaccine developed by Moderna, a pharmaceutical company. As the number of allergic patients was more than usual, they urged to suspend the use of the same batch of vaccines.

According to pan AI, an epidemiologist of the California government, on Sunday, a batch of 41l20a Moderna vaccines were distributed to 287 local vaccination centers from the 5th to the 12th of this month, totaling more than 330000 doses. In one of the community centers, someone needs to receive more than 24 hours of medical observation after injection, which may be due to severe allergy to the vaccine. Pan did not disclose the exact number of suspected allergies, only said the number was higher than usual, but less than 10 people. The local media and health department later disclosed that six medical staff in San Diego were allergic to the same vaccination center on the 14th. The center has been temporarily closed.

California vaccination is far from the original target

Pan said that in view of the shortage of vaccine supply and due to very cautious considerations, it is recommended that vaccination centers use other vaccine stocks first, and wait for local health officials to cooperate with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Moderna to investigate the batch of vaccines. Pan also stressed that severe anaphylaxis after injection is very rare. Take Pfizer vaccine, which uses similar technology to Moderna vaccine, as an example, the probability of anaphylactic shock is about one in 100000.

Moderna also issued a statement in response, saying that the pharmaceutical factory has not noticed the same reaction after someone from other vaccination centers received the same batch of vaccine. According to the CDC, if someone needs to be hospitalized or treated with epinephrine after injection, it is a case of severe allergy.

In addition, California has received about 3.2 million doses of vaccine as of the day before yesterday, but only 1.4 million doses have been vaccinated, and less than 2500 people per 100000 residents have been vaccinated, far below the original target.

Southern California present Danish variant virus

According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, California’s total number of confirmed cases increased to more than 3 million the day before yesterday, which is the first state in the United States to break the 3 million mark. Moreover, the spread of the virus is getting faster and faster. There is a 292 day interval between the first confirmed case and the total number of confirmed cases of 1 million people, but it takes only 44 days to rise from 1 million cases to 2 million cases.

The spread of the virus has accelerated or is related to the variant virus. State health officials announced on Sunday that the “l452r & Rd” variant virus first found in Denmark in Southern California, accounting for nearly 25% of the cases in some areas, may also be related to several large groups in Santa Clara County, but further research is needed to determine whether the strain is more infectious or more lethal.


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