White House change of ownership / us against us

White House change of ownership / us against us

Four years ago, Trump came to power with populism. Four years later, the outside world saw a more divided and antagonistic United States. A general election has deeply torn the United States. The riots in the United States Congress on January 6 are the most vivid miniature of the phenomenon of “the United States against the United States”. Trump once vowed to end the “American catastrophe” left by his predecessor, but left a greater “catastrophe” for his successor. Biden will face many thorny problems such as epidemic situation, economic and racial injustice after he takes office, and will not enjoy the honeymoon period of the new deal. After the change of the White House, whether Biden can reconcile the two Americans is a great challenge. After all, the brand of trumpism on the United States will not disappear easily.

Trump’s old deal

The fight against the epidemic is a mess

So far, 24.074 million people in the United States have been diagnosed and 399 000 people have died, the most serious in the world

He refused to wear a mask. He was photographed wearing a mask for the first time in July last year and was diagnosed on October 2

The new coronavirus is called “China virus” in China;

Boasting about the vaccine “operation warp speed” and claiming to vaccinate 100 million people by the end of last year, 10.6 million people have been vaccinated so far

Economic & quot; achievements & quot; are empty

Because of the epidemic, the latest unemployment rate in the United States was 6.7% in December last year, one third higher than 4.7% when he just took office, and he lost tens of millions of jobs

The trade deficit between China and the United States did not decrease but increased: the trade deficit between the United States and China rose to 287 billion US dollars, a ten-year high; the trade war between China and the United States caused the loss of 245000 jobs

Drive out refugees and build a wall at the border

In his first month in office, he issued an entry ban on seven Muslim countries, which was overturned by the Supreme Court in 2019

Building a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico, claiming to build a 2000 mile wall on the border, only 80 miles were built in the end

In 2017, it tried to abolish the “suspension of repatriation of children arriving in the United States” plan (DACA) in the Obama era, which was rejected by the Supreme Court in 2020

Vote: 74222959 (46.8%) in 2020 election

& lt; America first & gt; diplomatic disputes

Promote the foreign policy of “us first” and engage in unilateralism

Launch a new cold war between China and the United States and advocate “decoupling between China and the United States” in various fields;

Disrupting the Middle East: making bad relations with Iran, withdrawing from the Iran nuclear agreement, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and promoting the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and its neighboring countries

Pressure on allies: trump repeatedly put pressure on NATO allies, Japan and South Korea on defense spending

Withdrawal addiction

Withdrawal from the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) in January 2017

Withdraw from Iran nuclear agreement in May 2018

Quit the UN Human Rights Council in June 2018

Quit UNESCO in January 2019

Withdraw from the arms control agreement “China Missile Treaty” signed with Russia on August 2019

Start withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement on November 2019

Start the exit procedure from who in 2020 / 07

· withdraw from the open sky treaty in 2020 / 05

Biden’s new deal

Anti epidemic science, wearing masks

On the first day in office, Americans will be required to wear masks for 100 days

Vaccinate 100 million Americans in their first 100 days in office

Set up a new team of anti epidemic experts, with fudge as the leader of the White House anti epidemic team

Let the public get reliable free routine testing

Increase the national supply of personal protective equipment and launch revitalization programs to assist families and small businesses

Let most schools in the United States open, and the government will provide sufficient funds for each school district

Economy under the first aid epidemic

The US $1.9 trillion economic revitalization plan was announced

Spend 400 billion yuan to stimulate domestic manufacturing in the United States

Remove Trump’s tax cuts and raise taxes for the rich and businesses

Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour

Removal of immigration ban

· lifting travel bans against Muslim countries

The immigration reform program, which is expected to speed up the liberalization of the naturalization of 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States as & lt; legal citizens & gt;

Vote: 81283074 (51.3%) in 2020 election

Alliance for foreign reconstruction

Want to restore us leadership in the world and rebuild the Alliance

Continue to take a strong stand against China, strengthen cooperation with China on anti epidemic, environmental protection, climate change and other issues, but compete in artificial intelligence, 5g network and other strategic areas


Rejoining who on his first day in office

Rejoining the Paris Agreement on the first day of office

Negotiate with Iran on the terms of U.S. return to Iran’s nuclear agreement

Climate and energy

$2 trillion climate change plan to invest in renewable energy

No later than 2050

Climate summit to reduce carbon emissions

Looking for new officials


Exit from the TPP


Signed the US Mexico border wall building executive order


· issuing travel bans against seven Muslim countries


Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement


The Republican controlled Congress passed the biggest tax cut in 31 years

Tongrussia / tongwumen stir up party struggle


The former FBI Director Mueller has been appointed as the special prosecutor of “through Russia”


Mueller submitted the report “through Russia” without accusing trump of being guilty


The Democratic controlled house of Representatives impeached trump on “tongwumen”


The Republican controlled Senate acquitted trump of & lt; touwumen & gt

Ethnic conflicts continue in the country


White supremacist riots in Charlottesville, Virginia


The death of Freud, an African American man, set off a nationwide anti racial discrimination demonstration

Special diplomacy


U.S. withdrawal from Iran nuclear agreement


Recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel


Meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore


Become the first serving us president to set foot on North Korean soil


Announced the killing of the head of the Islamic state


Assassinate Sulaimani, commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

Start a trade war in disorder


The United States announced a tax on imports of steel and aluminum products, including China


The United States has imposed a 25% tariff on US $50 billion of Chinese imports in stages


Trump announced a tariff increase of $200 billion on Chinese products from 10% to 25%


Trump announced a 10% tariff on $300 billion of Chinese products


China and the United States signed the first phase trade agreement

Failure in epidemic prevention


The United States declared novel coronavirus pneumonia emergency.


Trump and his wife Melania are diagnosed with a new crown


Biden announced his victory over trump


U.S. state electoral college confirms Biden’s election


During the period when Congress certified the election results, trump supporters stormed Congress, causing five deaths, and trump was impeached twice by the house of representatives for sedition


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