Okinawa governor announced that he issued the “emergency declaration” which will take effect from the 20th Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Tokyo, January 20, according to the Asahi Shimbun website, Danny, Okinawa’s Yuri City, 19, announced that, because of the new spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Okinawa county decided to issue its own emergency declaration, which will take effect from January 20th and will continue until February 7th. After entering the state of emergency, the Okinawa county government required all restaurants in Okinawa to shorten their business hours and advance the closing time of the day from 10 p.m. to 8 p.m. It is reported that the catering stores called for by the corresponding government will receive a subsidy of 40000 yen per day.

On the 19th, 113 new cases were confirmed in Okinawa county. County governor Yucheng Dani said: “the medical aid system is in danger of collapse. All people in Okinawa county should call on them to actively prevent and control the epidemic.”

Okinawa not only requires restaurants to shorten their business hours, but also requires residents and visitors not to go out without urgent matters. At the same time, they should not go to other prefectures where emergency manifestos have been issued.

Okinawa also issued its own “Declaration of emergency” from April to May and August to September last year. This is the third time.

According to reports, covid-19, Ibaraki county government released the “emergency declaration” on 18 July, in view of the worsening new crown epidemic.

Since December last year, the epidemic situation in various parts of Japan has been spreading again. The Japanese government first targeted 1 capital and 3 counties on January 7 this year


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