“China expert” Kevin Rudd warned the “Biden government”: the Taiwan issue is the most sensitive and China is highly concerned about it

Original title: “China expert” Rudd warned “Biden government”: Taiwan issue is the most sensitive and China is highly concerned

[World Wide Web] as the “Biden administration” is about to take office, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd publicly warned the new US government on the 14th that China will pay close attention to the actual changes in the operation of the new US government’s China policy, especially how to deal with the most sensitive Taiwan issue, according to the Hong Kong China Review Agency on the 20th. Rudd also proposed the concept of “joint strategic framework” in the hope that the United States and China will launch “controlled strategic competition”.

On January 14 local time, Rudd, who will soon be the chairman of the Asia Association of American think tanks, commented on the trend of us China relations after Biden took office at the online conference “the future of us China relations” held by the Asia Association. The report said that Mr. Rudd, known as a “China expert”, first put forward his views on how China might deal with the “Biden government”.

Rudd expressed his views on the future trend of Sino US relations at the conference on “the future of us China relations”

Rudd believes that China may have a “strategic pause” for several months to observe the course of the Biden administration’s China policy. He said that China is more concerned about the actual changes in U.S. operations in China than Washington’s words out of its domestic political debate.


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