Foreign media: can trump still run for president in 2024?

Original title: foreign media: can trump still run for president in 2024?

Trump, who is about to end his turbulent presidency, will settle down at the palm beach sea lake estate in Florida, according to the report of the Miami news agency on January 19. Now the question is, can trump run for president again in 2024?

Trump was committed to leading his business group before becoming president, but after becoming president, he entrusted the task to his children, according to the report. According to media reports, Trump’s children will also settle in Florida.

Some media pointed out that Florida’s tax policy is conducive to trump’s huge wealth. In addition, a large proportion of the state’s population sympathizes with trump. In last November’s general election, trump easily won in Florida. There are also members who are extremely loyal to him. Even after the riots on Capitol Hill, they still support trump. Thirteen Florida congressmen and senators opposed Congress’s confirmation of Biden’s presidential candidacy. Governor Ron de Santis won the post with Trump’s support and has been consistent with his policy.

Before leaving the presidential palace, trump announced his ambition to become a candidate in the next presidential election, the report said. Flags and other publicity materials marked “trump 2024” have been seen at rallies and other meetings, and trump has raised millions of dollars for this.

However, it remains to be seen whether trump can run for president in 2024, because he may still face political trial in the Senate for inciting supporters to commit violence against Capitol Hill, and if convicted, he may be deprived of the qualification to hold an election post.

As Gregory cogg, a political science professor at the University of Miami, explained in an article, if the Senate starts a political trial of trump before his term ends, the process will continue even after Trump’s term ends or Biden takes office.

It takes two-thirds of the votes to remove trump, but it takes a simple majority to disqualify him.


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