1134 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Kazakhstan are confirmed. Ha’s health ministry predicts that the peak will come at the end of March.

Nur, people.com.cn novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia, Sultan, January 20 (reporter Zhou Hanbo) according to the data released by the inter departmental Committee of the new crown pneumonia prevention and control in Kazakhstan, 1134 new cases of new crown pneumonia were confirmed in January 19th. Up to now, 171232 cases have been confirmed, 155397 cases have recovered and 2403 cases have died. In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have been registered in 46984 cases since August 1, 2020, 34805 cases recovered and 545 cases died.

Statistics show that new confirmed cases were found in three municipalities directly under the central government and 14 states in Kazakhstan the previous day, and the areas with a large number of confirmed cases in a single day include the capital Nursultan (198 cases), Pavlodar state (151 cases), the largest city Almaty (112 cases) and akmola state (108 cases).

At the government work meeting held on the 19th, Kazakh Health Minister Alexei Cui said that the peak of the current round of epidemic in Kazakhstan may come at the end of March this year. It is conservatively estimated that the number of new cases in a single day may reach 3000. If the epidemic is not controlled, the actual number of new cases per day may reach 6000 to 9000. “In this case, we will have to take more stringent isolation measures.”

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