Biden’s 22 minute inaugural address

Original title: full text! Biden’s 22 minute Inaugural Address: let’s all start again

Biden's 22 minute inaugural address

Biden delivered his inaugural address. Tuyuan CNN

On January 20 local time, Democrat Joe Biden was officially sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. Biden then delivered his inaugural address. Here is the full text of Biden’s 22 minute speech:

Chief Justice Roberts, vice president Harris, Speaker Pelosi, leader of Schumer (Senate minority), leader of McConnell (Senate majority), vice president burns. My distinguished guests, my fellow Americans.

Today is the day of America, the day of democracy, the day of history and hope, renewal and determination. After many years of tests, the United States has withstood new tests, and the United States has risen to meet the challenges. Today, we celebrate not the victory of a candidate, but the victory of a cause, a democratic cause. The will of the people has been listened to and valued.

Once again, we realize that democracy is precious and fragile. At this moment, my friends, democracy has the upper hand. Therefore, under the guidance of God, we, as an indivisible country, are united in this sacred land where violence broke out a few days ago and the foundation of the Capitol was shaken. We have carried out a peaceful transfer of power in accordance with our tradition of more than two centuries.

As we look to the future in our unique American way, throbbing, courageous, optimistic, and looking to the country we know we can and must be, I thank the predecessors of both parties, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I know the tenacity and strength of our constitution, the strength of our country, just like President Carter, whom I talked to last night and who can’t be with us today. We want to pay tribute to him for his life.


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