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Recently, Indonesia’s “Chinese Bridge” club held a unveiling ceremony in Jakarta. The club is initiated and organized by the Chinese education coordination agency of Jakarta, Indonesia, which has hosted the “Chinese Bridge” competition for many times. It aims to strengthen the contact and exchange among the competitors of the previous “Chinese Bridge” competition in Indonesia.

According to reports, more than 4000 Indonesian athletes have participated in the “Chinese Bridge” competition. They have played an increasingly important role in promoting Indonesia’s economic and social development and cooperation with China. On that day, Zheng Weien, the host of the activity, participated in the “Chinese Bridge” competition many times and won a scholarship to study in China for his outstanding achievements. After returning from his studies, Zheng soon found a job in a Chinese funded enterprise in Indonesia and has grown into a regional manager of the company.

Zhou Bin, counselor of the Cultural Department of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, said that the “Chinese Bridge” competition has held 19 college students’ competitions and 13 middle school students’ competitions in Indonesia. The competition has become a key brand of Chinese education, and its social popularity and influence are expanding. Zhang Jinxiong, chairman of one belt, one road Committee, is also in the Jakarta Indonesia education and coordination organization.

At the unveiling ceremony, yudil, an official of Indonesia’s Ministry of education and culture who once studied in China, said that language is a bridge to promote mutual understanding, and his study experience in China gives him the opportunity to learn more about China. He hoped that more Indonesian people would deepen their cultural understanding, promote people to people exchanges, and strive for cooperation and development between Indonesia and China through platforms such as the “Chinese Bridge” club.

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