Venezuela urgently supplies anti epidemic materials to Brazil

Caracas, January 20 (reporter Zhang Weizhong) – on January 18, local time, a convoy of Venezuelan government emergency oxygen delivery to Brazil arrived at the border between the two countries, according to Venezuela’s southern television. After a brief handover ceremony, the team headed for Manaus, the capital of the Amazon state and the northern city of Brazil. Venezuelan President Maduro said on the same day: “the Venezuelan people are willing to extend a friendly hand to the Brazilian people and send humanitarian help.”

Brazil is currently novel coronavirus pneumonia in Latin America, which is especially serious in the Amazon. The situation is very severe in the Amazon area. The local hospitals are overcrowded, and many hospitals are in urgent need of medical oxygen. The amount of oxygen consumed in Manaus has increased to 76 thousand cubic meters from 5000 cubic meters.

It is reported that the Venezuelan team carrying oxygen to Brazil is composed of six trucks, carrying a total of 136000 liters of oxygen. In addition to oxygen gas, Venezuela also donated other anti epidemic materials to the Brazilian state of Amazon.

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