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The South African chain bookstore “exclusive book” cooperated with the express company to provide book delivery service during the epidemic period, helping people living at home to enrich their spiritual and cultural life. People just need to turn on their mobile phones to buy more than 100 kinds of books selected by bookstores online, and the books will be delivered to the subscribers at the fastest speed through express service.

Pretorius, general manager of Youshi South Africa, an express company, said that during the period of epidemic prevention and control, production was stopped, people were forbidden to gather in public places, and people spent most of their time at home. In addition to watching TV and surfing the Internet, it’s also a good choice to open a paper book and enjoy a quiet life.

As soon as the book delivery is launched, it is widely welcomed by the public. Compared with the same period in 2019, the total business volume of 42 “exclusive books” stores in China has decreased, but the online sales volume has nearly tripled. “Home life during the epidemic has stimulated people’s demand for books to a certain extent.” Shuo te, marketing manager of exclusive books, said the epidemic forced physical bookstores to expand their sales channels and move to online operation. Bookstores provide online book purchasing, door-to-door delivery and other services to meet the public’s reading needs and make up for the loss of offline sales.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Ellis, a company clerk, has been working with books during his stay in hospital. Ellis said that the daily tense work rhythm and heavy burden of life often make her feel tired. During her hospitalization, she reexamined her life in reading and gained new insights. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, Dr. loik of the Affiliated Hospital of the University of Cape Town read books about the mission of doctors, which made him more deeply aware of his responsibility and more determined to help patients fight the virus.

According to statistics, the reading rate of literature and popular science books on the theme of fighting the epidemic in South Africa has increased significantly, and the sales volume has reached a new high. Many medical staff and patients in the front line of anti epidemic think that reading gives them strength and encouragement, and encourages them to fight against the virus tenaciously.

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