Care | “Smurfs” say “sweet”~

Original title: care | “Smurfs” say “sweet”~

Care |

There are a group of Smurfs on the lower floor of the third building,

They are industrious and energetic,

They are happy and mysterious,

They know a lot about life,

Please listen to her tell you one by one~

Care |

Hello everyone, long time no see!

Do you remember Xiao Lan?

We’re not just little messengers,

Or sugar control assistant,

We also know a lot of healthy little knowledge,

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Now I’ll tell you about it one by one. As the main energy source of glucose, Care | sweet burden sugar exists in many people’s memories. When I was a child, I used all my 18 martial arts to eat a piece of sugar, pretend to be cute, cry, roll… To make it sweet at that moment. Some children often sleep with sugar, which leads to the occurrence of many sugar related diseases, such as diabetes, dental caries, etc.. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to diet, especially sugar intake. Care | milk tea has the most sugar content, which is the milk tea that girls like to drink (the high sugar milk tea on the market at present). It is a “three high” product with high sugar, high oil and high calorie, and it has very low calcium content, which is easy to cause obesity and osteoporosis, and is not conducive to human metabolism. Wpap6025602 img watermelon contains about 5% sugar, mainly glucose, sucrose and part of fructose, which means that eating watermelon will increase blood sugar. Normal people can keep blood sugar and urine sugar at normal level because they can secrete insulin in time. The diabetes patients are different, in a short period of time to eat too much watermelon, not only blood sugar will rise, the more serious condition may also be due to metabolic disorders and acidosis, and even life-threatening. The amount of carbohydrate (carbohydrate) that diabetics eat every day needs to be strictly controlled. Therefore, if they eat watermelon many times a day, they should correspondingly reduce the amount of meal and flour products (carbohydrate) to avoid aggravating the disease. Care | carbonated beverage there is another drink that many people like to drink, that is carbonated beverage. Carbonated drinks contain a lot of phosphoric acid, which will make a lot of calcium loss, leading to osteoporosis. In addition, many people like to eat meat while drinking, which will lead to obesity and excess oil secretion. Moreover, the acidic components contained in carbonated drinks can damage the enamel and destroy the acid-base balance of teeth. In addition, carbonated drinks are easy to affect digestion, especially for young people. If they drink too much, the released carbon dioxide can easily cause abdominal distension, affect appetite, and even cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, leading to gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, reasonable control of sugar is extremely important, although sweet will be addictive, “sugar free” days are very difficult, but adhere to a period of time you will find yourself getting better and better, when you look at it, you will feel that everything is worth it! Wpap6029602 img wpap60210602 img wpap60211602 img wpap60212602 img wpap60213602 img wpap60214602 img Smurfs by Cao Xueling editor: Suzy review: Wang binglian and Liu Yuhan return to Sohu to see more

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