“Reasonable diet POSTER” of the 2020 new era Health Science Works Collection competition

Original title: excellent work “reasonable diet POSTER” of 2020 new era Health Science Works Collection competition (4) – vegetables in dundundun

1. There are vegetables in Dunton. It is recommended that adults take 6 liang-1 Jin of vegetables every day. For a family of three, generally the whole family needs to buy 2-3 Jin of fresh vegetables and distribute them in three meals a day. The dishes with at least 2 vegetables in each meal can be used as “snacks” and “refreshments” before and after meals, which can not only maintain the original flavor of vegetables, but also bring health benefits.

2. Choose fresh vegetables. Fresh seasonal vegetables have high moisture content, rich nutrition, fresh taste and many benefits to human health. Pickles and pickles in the production process to use more salt, will lead to the loss of nutrients, eat less pickles, pickles is conducive to reducing salt intake.

3. Dark vegetables account for half. Dark vegetables refer to dark green, red, orange and purplish red vegetables, which have nutritional advantages and should be taken more attention. Dark vegetables should account for more than half of the total vegetable intake.

4. Cook skillfully to keep vegetable nutrition. First wash and then cut, stir fry quickly, open the soup, stir fry ready to eat, according to the characteristics of vegetables to choose the appropriate processing and cooking methods can better retain nutrients. Go back to Sohu to see more

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