Reveal the secret! Trump and his team’s “post White House era”: trump “has a family but it’s hard to get back”, and burns may continue to earn money to support his family

[Chen Xiang, special correspondent of global times in the United States, Liu Haoran, special correspondent of Global Times] Trump’s career in the White House officially ended on the 20th, and the whereabouts of the former president and his team have recently attracted attention. However, their “post White House era” is somewhat embarrassed – the former president “has a family to go back to”, the former vice president “is not free financially”, and many former assistants have failed to find a job because of “following the wrong leader”, which has aroused public outcry.

Trump: haven’t you lived long at sea lake manor?

According to the plan, trump will return to sea lake manor in Florida after leaving office, but his wife Melania began to actively look for properties in Florida at the end of his term of office, the San Jose messenger reported on the 20th, which triggered widespread speculation about where the family intends to live?

According to NPR, many of Trump’s “hometown fathers” in Palm Beach, Florida do not welcome him back. Political factors aside, the settlement of a former president will cause a lot of inconvenience to the neighborhood. Some local residents said dissatisfied, “every time he comes, we have to close the road.”. Residents’ representatives also reported to municipal officials through lawyers that there were many illegal buildings in the trump family, such as the flagpole was too high, and there was also a helicopter apron (which should be removed after leaving office). More lawyers wrote to the local government, saying that the trumps had no right to live in Haihu manor for a long time. According to people familiar with the matter, the property nature of Haihu manor is special: trump changed it from a private house to a commercial club in the 1990s. He should not stay here for more than 21 days a year, let alone “settle down” here. Palm Beach Daily said on the 19th that the incident had been raised to the level of the town government, but relevant officials cautiously said that they would not rush to deal with the issue before confirming that the trumps really want to settle here.

“San Jose messenger” also speculated that Melania everywhere “house” may also be related to the couple’s marital status. It has long been rumored that trump and his wife have quarreled and separated. Recently, “insiders” have claimed that Melania and Trump’s separation is “calculated by the minute”.

Burns: financial “not free”, continue to earn money to support the family?

Former vice president burns has returned home after Biden’s inauguration and is said to be living in Columbus, Indiana, for some time to come. “Indianapolis monthly” said that as the “most unfettered financial vice president” in the modern history of the United States, burns may have to “make money to support his family” in the short term. It is understood that burns does not have any industry in his name, and his pension account balance is about $500000 to $1 million, but he still owes a lot of student loans for the education of his three children. Mike Murphy, a longtime friend of burns and Republican of Indiana, said that “he is not as rich as Cheney” and that he is expected to make some paid speeches or sign contracts in the short term. There are also Republicans who believe that it is reasonable to find a large company as a director by virtue of Burns’ qualifications and contacts.

However, for burns’s “official career”, public opinion generally believes that it is “not clear” and “not optimistic”. “Indianapolis monthly” said that burns’ political fate is firmly bound with trump, and it is difficult to get out of “trump’s shadow” in the future. Even if he participates in the presidential election in 2024, his position will be very awkward. A survey of Republican voters in November last year showed that 54% supported Trump’s re-election, compared with 12% for burns. Mcgintosh, chairman of the growth club, a conservative political lobbying organization in the United States, believes that burns will have a chance to “come out” unless trump definitely does not run in 2024.

Pompeio: to “inherit the mantle”

Compared with the “uncertain future” burns, the ambition of former Secretary of state Pompeo is obvious. At the end of Trump’s term of office, most government officials try to keep a low profile. However, pompeio is still making waves on many sensitive international affairs such as Taiwan, Yemen, Cuba and Iran. In the remaining “garbage time”, he will try his best to build himself into a “Secretary of state making history”. According to the analysis of the Washington Post and other media, this diplomat, who has been infamous in the international community, is determined to inherit Trump’s “mantle” and continue to be active in the huge “Maga” (make the United States great again) camp. Although Pompey o has been called “the worst Secretary of state in the history of the United States” by some media, he is still likely to run for president in 2024. For this, a commentary article in the guardian of the United Kingdom joked that “although Pompey o is not expected to be president, trump has lowered the threshold of being president.”

However, although the specific future has not yet been indicated, Pompeo, a former Kansas congressman, does not seem to be welcomed by the people of the state. Before the end of his term, the Kansas City Star specifically called out that Pompeo “had better not come back.”.

Ivanka: settle in Florida and compete for governor?

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, has no less political ambitions than Pompeo, but she is much more low-key at the end of her father’s term. Some analysts believe that Ivanka’s disappearance is obviously a “stop loss mode” that has been opened to protect the political future from being greatly affected. According to CNN, in addition to renovating a property in New Jersey, Ivanka and her husband Kushner bought a piece of land on Indian Creek Island, north of Miami, Florida, in December last year for $30 million to build a residence there.

According to the analysis, it may be difficult for the Ivanka family to start a new life in New York, but it is no surprise that they want to live in Florida: the trump supporters’ camp is so powerful in the state that it can be used as Ivanka’s political capital in the future. It is speculated that Ivanka’s next step is to compete with Florida Senator Rubio for a seat in Congress in 2022; after living in Florida for seven years, she will be qualified to run for governor.

Former staff members have encountered difficulties in job hunting

For any job seeker, having worked for the president of the United States can undoubtedly make his resume “inlaid with gold”. However, it is embarrassing that Trump’s former staff have repeatedly encountered obstacles during the job hunting period. According to the US business insider website, not long ago, a human resources company received at least 15 job offers from former White House staff, and contacted “the next family” for six of them. Unexpectedly, none of them received the interview notice. “It’s hard to find them a job People are morally reluctant to be with them. “

According to the Washington Post, trump has also continued to employ several capable former staff members, including close aides Nick Luna and Murray Michael, as well as assistant Hutchinson of the former White House chief of staff. In addition, according to the business insider website, before leaving office, trump deliberately abolished his previous ban, allowing former aides to engage in political lobbying work, which is said to be particularly well paid. This also means that in the future, there may be frequent scenes of former “politicians” turning into “lobbyists” in Washington.


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