Five elderly people died after Pfizer vaccination in France

Five elderly people died after Pfizer vaccination in France

Source: Reuters

Overseas network, January 20 (Xinhua) on the 19th local time, the French Health Department announced that 139 cases of serious or accidental adverse reactions and 5 deaths have been reported since the launch of the vaccination campaign on December 27, 2020.

France, like other European Union countries, has so far used the combined vaccine of Pfizer of the United States and biontech of Germany, the Parisian reported. By the 19th, 585664 people in France had received the first dose of vaccine. The health department did not disclose the specific time of death of the five dead, but pointed out that three cases were in Nancy, one in Montpellier and one in tours. All the five dead were elderly people with complications. At present, there is no direct connection between the cause of death and the vaccine.

It may be a coincidence that there is no need to worry too much about vaccination because of this situation, said Mathieu molimad, a pharmacology expert at Bordeaux medical center. More than 500000 people in France have been vaccinated, including many residents of nursing homes and people over 75 years old outside nursing homes. France is studying every piece of information, and there is no evidence that these deaths are related to vaccination. But he stressed that no drug is absolutely safe. Although death is not unusual for elderly people with comorbidity, it is necessary to conduct a case-based study to determine whether the vaccine triggers or accelerates death.

French medical experts also pointed out that for the elderly, the probability of allergic reaction after vaccination with the new coronavirus is indeed high, but if they do not receive the vaccine, the probability of severe illness caused by infection with the new coronavirus is also high, which is a balance between risk and benefit.

Previously, since the launch of the joint vaccination campaign between Pfizer and biontech biotech in the United States, Norway has reported the death of 33 elderly people. The public health administration of Norway stressed that there is no direct link between vaccination and death cases. The 13 death cases under study are non perennial, weak and suffering from serious diseases. But the country recommends medical evaluation before vaccinating the elderly and very vulnerable. (overseas network Paris Lujia)


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