Zhao Zhubin, two accomplices in room n of South Korea, was sentenced to 15 and 11 years in the first trial

People’s Daily News: according to Yonhap, the Central District Court of Seoul, South Korea, sentenced two suspects Jiang (20 years old) and Han (28 years old) in the large-scale cyber crime case “room n” to 15 years’ imprisonment and 11 years’ imprisonment, respectively. In addition, the judgment of the first trial required them to receive 40 hours of sexual violence treatment courses, disclose their personal information for five years, and not to work in children’s and youth institutions and welfare units for the disabled within five years.

The two suspects are two accomplices of Zhao Zhubin, the leader of the “doctor’s room”. From September to November 2019, Jiang once assisted Zhao Zhubin to coerce the victim to shoot the video of sexual exploitation and spread it for profit. Han had attempted to commit sexual assault on minor victims under Zhao Zhubin’s instigation. He has also coerced victims into making videos of sexual exploitation.

Operator of room n


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