Mitsui real estate of Japan enters into a new field of live broadcasting and delivery. It is expected that more than 50 live broadcasting will be conducted in the next half year

People’s daily news, Tokyo, January 20 (Xinhua) according to Japanese media reports, Mitsui real estate and Mitsui real estate business management company introduced a live delivery system to help stores in Mitsui shopping park publicize product information. Its first live broadcast was on December 14, 2020, and the anchor was artist mikui Fujimoto. In the next six months, Mitsui real estate will continue to invite more artists and netizens to carry out live broadcasting and delivery.

It is planned that 50-80 live shows will be broadcast in the next six months

In novel coronavirus pneumonia, Japan is restricted by people’s outings. More and more people are enjoying online shopping at home. Therefore, the retail industry based on physical store sales is transforming to e-commerce. This time, the live delivery system introduced by Mitsui real estate and its business management company is one of them. Many enterprises such as Sanyue Isetan and Parco are also marching into this market.

The introduction of the live delivery system is to provide consumers with a new shopping experience, and also to enhance the relationship with the merchants who rent shops in Mitsui shopping park. About 25 stores in Sanjing shopping park plan to conduct 50-80 live broadcasts in the next six months.

About 3600 people watched the first live broadcast and over 10000 people praised it

The charm of live broadcasting is that artists and netizens can not only convey the information of goods, but also answer the audience’s questions on the spot. Because you can experience real-time communication with celebrities, it is very popular. In addition, there are some product information on the shopping website that is difficult for consumers to make judgments, such as photos and product evaluation, which can also be confirmed by face-to-face communication with them during live broadcast.

In the first live broadcast, the organizer invited artist mikui Fujimoto to introduce the products of green tea garden and Azul by Moussy, etc. about 3600 viewers watched the live broadcast. The number of live video playback exceeded 5000 times and the number of likes exceeded 10000 times. As for the implementation of live delivery, in addition to the promotion through social network and company website, the promotion was also carried out by putting up advertisements and posters in the store. It is reported that in the future, more artists and netizens will be invited to live broadcast and bring goods.

Mitsui real estate group plans to consolidate the relationship between consumers and businesses through live broadcast of goods. In order to make live broadcasting with goods become a new sales channel, it is planned that live broadcasting will be carried out in more facilities and stores in the future.


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