More than 3.65 million new crown infections have been diagnosed in Russia

The covid-19 January (Li Mingqi) the data released by the new crown prevention and control command of Russia on 21 may show that 21887 new cases of newly diagnosed crown virus infection were confirmed in Russia in the past 24 hours, and 3655839 cases were diagnosed and 67832 cases died in 21 cases. In the past 24 hours, 3458 cases were newly diagnosed in Moscow, the capital of China. A total of 904352 cases were diagnosed and 12759 cases died.

Moscow mayor suobiyanin announced that 220000 people in the city have completed the new crown vaccination and that Moscow will relax a series of restrictions from the same day, Russian satellite news agency reported on the 22nd. Moscow technical secondary schools, sports schools and children’s trusteeship institutions will resume work from January 22; the attendance rate of theaters, cinemas and concert halls will increase from 25% to 50%; museums, libraries and other cultural institutions will reopen on the same day. Despite this, sobyanin said that the requirement for at least 30% of the staff in all units to keep telecommuting is still valid until the epidemic situation improves substantially.


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