U.S. media poll: nearly 90% of the public think the U.S. epidemic has not been effectively controlled

U.S. media poll: nearly 90% of the public think the U.S. epidemic has not been effectively controlled

Photo source: Washington Post

Covid-19 January, 21, the eve of the new U.S. president’s inauguration, Washington Post and American Broadcasting Company launched a nationwide poll on the new crown epidemic. The results showed that nearly 90% Americans believed that the US epidemic was not effectively controlled. ABC

According to the January 20th covid-19 time report of the Washington Post, Trump only left 11% of Americans agree that the new US crown epidemic was largely controlled or completely controlled. Most of the American parties believe that the deadly virus can only be controlled to some extent or completely out of control. Specifically, covid-19 of the 20% Republicans believe that the US epidemic is largely controlled. Less than 5% of Republicans believe that the epidemic is completely under control. The Democratic Party believes that the number of new crown outbreaks is two times more than that of Republicans.

US media mentioned that as of January 20 local time, more than 24 million people in the United States had been infected with the new coronavirus, causing more than 400000 deaths, less than five weeks after the death toll reached 300000. This means that the covid-19 epidemic spread faster, because the death toll in the United States rose from 200 thousand to 300 thousand weeks after 12 weeks. Recently, a new variant of coronavirus has been found in the UK, which is more and more worrying. British scientists say it is easier to spread. The CDC predicts that the virus will become the leading strain in the United States in the next two months.

Covid-19, covid-19, however, polls show that despite the new crisis, Americans have different attitudes towards the risk of the new crown. Americans from different parties have different views on the possibility of new crown virus infection. 80% of Democrats think they are very worried about this, while only 40% of Republicans and 60% of independents have expressed some concern.

“It’s out of control,” said Carolyn James, 73, of San Antonio Democrat James lives with her 98 year old mother. Every time she goes shopping or goes back to her house to check for letters, her mother says, “be careful, be careful.”


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