Three weeks before Biden’s term, CDC gave a “heartbreaking” forecast

Original title: three weeks before Biden’s term of office, the CDC predicted that the total number of deaths in the United States will exceed 500000

[text / Observer: Ju Feng] the trump administration has not been able to fight the epidemic. By the time Biden officially took office in the White House, the number of new deaths in the United States had exceeded 400000. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is expected to kill 100 thousand Americans in the next 3 weeks, and the total number of deaths will be 500 thousand, according to the latest prediction by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was found in 4000 Americans on 20 days, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University. This is the third breakthrough in the number of new deaths in the United States, and the total number of deaths has reached 406001.

According to the latest comprehensive forecast released by the CDC, the cumulative death cases of the new crown in the United States will reach 508000 on February 13, CNN reported on the morning of the 21st. CDC about a week ago (13) forecast that by February 6, the number of new crown deaths in the United States will reach 477000.

According to the latest CDC forecast, the number of new deaths will be more than 4000 every day in the first three weeks or so after Biden took office.

Dr. Rochelle walensky, an American infectious disease expert who has just taken the post of CDC director, said the death data in the United States “are really heartbreaking”, but he said “the epidemic will be reduced in the future”. But CNN said the U.S. needs to speed up testing and vaccination to reach the “future” that wallensky calls it.

Meanwhile, the vaccine has begun to be distributed, but state officials say it is in short supply.

Three weeks before Biden's term, CDC gave a

Trend of new confirmed cases on new crown day in the United States (from March last year to now, source: CNN)

The situation of “epicenter” of epidemic situation is still grim

As the most serious epidemic area in the United States, California’s epidemic data indicators are still stretching, and the number of critically ill patients and deaths are worrying.

On the 20th, there were 22403 new confirmed cases and 694 new deaths in California. The number of new cases per day is far lower than the average number of new cases per day in the State – 38000 cases, but the number of new deaths per day is the second highest in history. The death rate of new crown patients admitted to the Los Angeles area has almost doubled in recent months, CNN said.


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