Biden becomes the 46th president of the United States

Washington, January 21 (reporter Zhang mengxu) – on January 20 local time, US President elect and Democrat Joseph Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States in Washington. Vice president elect Kamala Harris was also sworn in on the same day, becoming the first female vice president in American history.

After taking the oath of office, Biden delivered a speech of about 20 minutes. He said novel coronavirus pneumonia, social inequality, systemic racism and climate change are facing the new crisis and challenges in the United States. Biden called for national unity and said he would fight political extremism, white supremacy and domestic terrorism.

In order to prevent and control the epidemic and prevent violence, the number of people attending the inauguration ceremony and the ceremony was significantly reduced compared with the past, and many traditional activities such as celebrations and parades were also held or cancelled online. On the same day, 25000 members of the National Guard were deployed in Washington, D.C., and many roads were banned. High fences were erected around the Capitol building. Inside and outside the fences, many members of the National Guard patrolled with guns. States in the United States have taken preventive measures against possible violence.

According to local media reports, Biden announced a number of administrative measures on the night of his swearing in on the 20th, including the return of the United States to the Paris Agreement on climate change and the cessation of withdrawal from the World Health Organization.

In addition to returning to the Paris Agreement and ceasing to withdraw from who, Biden also announced administrative measures, including the creation of the White House epidemic response office reporting directly to the president, the restoration of the global health security and Biological Defense Office of the US National Security Council, which was dissolved by trump, and the air transportation between states on all federal buildings and federal lands within 100 days The construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico will be stopped, and the completed part will continue to be retained.

Biden said before signing the document to rejoin the Paris agreement that the United States will deal with climate change in a way that has not yet been adopted. White House press secretary Jean psaki said at a press conference that night that the Biden administration believes that the climate change crisis has an impact on the United States and the international community, and returning to the Paris Agreement is an important measure to deal with the crisis.

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