Biden: please, give me a break, man

Original title: asked if vaccination should be expanded, Biden: please, give me a break, man

[intern reporter Bian Zihao of global network] “please spare me, man.” According to Fox News, US President Biden said when asked by reporters on the 21st local time whether the vaccination should be expanded.

Biden: please, give me a break, man

According to reports, the Associated Press reporter Zick Miller mentioned Biden’s previously announced goal of vaccinating 100 million people within his first 100 days in office. Miller asked if the goal should be set high to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated.

Biden laughed and replied to Miller: “when I announced [the above goal], you all said it was impossible. Please, give me a break, man “100 million people is a good start.” Biden added as he left.

Biden rarely answered questions from reporters covering his campaign during the election, the report said. When he began to appear at press conferences as president, some criticized reporters for “cooperating” with him too much when they asked him questions. Biden also has a history of attacking journalists, including CBS and Fox News, the report said.


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