The Prime Minister of Mongolia abruptly resigned because of improper transfer of infected puerpera

Original title: improper transfer of infected puerpera, the prime minister abruptly resigned

A pregnant woman infected with epidemic disease in Mongolia was transferred to another hospital improperly, which caused a great disturbance. Mongolian Prime Minister huril Suh submitted his resignation application to the state great Hural (parliament) on the 21st, which was approved on the same day. In novel coronavirus pneumonia, the ruling Mongolia people’s party will decide on the new prime minister in the past two days and set up a cabinet as soon as possible to cope with the new severe pneumonia epidemic situation that is still grim.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in a woman’s Hospital in Ulan Bator, capital of Beijing, on the evening of 19. In the process of hospital transfer, the scene of the pregnant woman walking from the gate of the maternity hospital to the ambulance in her sick clothes and slippers and holding her baby was captured and put on social media, which caused netizens’ dissatisfaction that improper arrangement would cause the health damage of the pregnant woman in the severe cold.

The Prime Minister of Mongolia abruptly resigned because of improper transfer of infected puerpera

Although Mongolia is still on high alert for the prevention and control of the epidemic, and no processions and gatherings are allowed, some people went to sukhbaatar square in Ulaanbaatar on the 20th to hold a peaceful rally (as shown in the picture) in defiance of state regulations, demanding the removal of relevant officials of the emergency committee. In the weather of minus 20 degrees Celsius, some citizens even protested naked. Under pressure, Mongolian Deputy Prime Minister and chairman of the national emergency committee soderbart and health minister menghesaihan announced their resignations that night.

Mongolian Prime Minister huril Suhe told the media on the 21st that the government has made mistakes in dealing with the epidemic situation. At the request of the people, in order to avoid the riots caused by the March and assembly on July 1, 2008, the current government submitted a collective resignation application. He also said that the sponsor behind the peace rally in sukhbaatar square on the 20th was president battulega, and huril sukher expressed regret for this.

Battulega said in his speech at the national great Hural plenary session on the 21st that today is a black day in the history of Mongolia. However, he denied that the peaceful rally held in sukhbaatar square the day before was related to him, and said that he did not support the collective resignation of the government headed by Prime Minister huzhesuh.


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