Moscow doctors practicing Tai Chi for patients with new crown

Original title: Moscow doctor taking Tai Chi for patients with new crown: practice breathing and accelerate rehabilitation

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Qiao Bingxin, according to Reuters reported on January 21st, a temporary hospital in Moscow, Russia, doctors are playing Tai Chi with a new crown pneumonia patient.

Moscow doctors practicing Tai Chi for patients with new crown

Affected by the new covid-19 outbreak, Moscow’s ice skating rink has been transformed into a temporary hospital to accommodate more new crowns. “What we’re doing here is fighting tuberculosis and other lung diseases,” says Alexander Aliev, a doctor and Tai Chi coach. We use Tai Chi to achieve breathing exercises. Combined with medical aids, we can speed up the rehabilitation of patients, so as to minimize the complications in the process of rehabilitation and the complications that may be left behind after rehabilitation. “

“I’m sure it helps. You just need to master these movements. ” All of these Oriental breathing techniques are beneficial, “they will make you healthy,” the patients involved said.

Data released by the covid-19 new crown prevention and control command of Russia on 21 may show that in the past 24 hours, 21887 new cases of newly diagnosed crown virus infection were newly diagnosed in Russia, 3655839 cases were diagnosed and 67832 cases died. In the past 24 hours, 3458 cases were newly diagnosed in Moscow, the capital of China. A total of 904352 cases were diagnosed and 12759 cases died.


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