Western media: under the epidemic situation, it is more difficult for Europeans to get decent housing

The report entitled “the epidemic intensifies the housing crisis in Europe” was published by EFE in Brussels on January 21

Although this is a basic right, it is not a realistic possibility for many EU citizens who are facing an increasingly serious “crisis of affordability” under the impact of the epidemic.

The European Parliament passed a document on Thursday by 352 votes in favor, 179 against and 152 abstention. Kim van spalentak, the Dutch European MP responsible for drafting the document, told EFE that difficulties in paying bills, rents or mortgages not only “affect people’s level of stress,” but also hinder their access to decent housing.

On the issue of housing, people tend to think that governments are the only ones with the ability to solve the problem. However, van spalentucker pointed out that there are many policies, regulations and rules in the European Union that will also affect the housing problem, as well as the widespread housing crisis in the European Union;.

Spanish European congressman Esther Leah · Dula pointed out in the document: “ banking supervision, monetary policy, loans and mortgage loans, and the ability to intervene in the emergence of a financial bubble; ” it is Brussels’s role in dealing with housing related issues.

One of the problems that can reflect the most extreme housing conditions in the EU is the increasing trend of the homeless: the document points out that there are about 700000 people living on the streets throughout the EU. The number of homeless has soared by 70% in the past 10 years.


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