Japan’s new crown has been diagnosed with more than 350000 cases and started vaccination in February

According to Xinhua News Agency on the 22nd, the total number of confirmed cases in Japan has exceeded 350000. Japanese officials said they plan to start vaccination in late February.

The total number of confirmed cases in Japan was 351977. (Xinhua News Agency)

According to the statistics of Japan Broadcasting Association television station on the 22nd, 5653 new confirmed cases were added in Japan on the 21st, with a total of 351977 confirmed cases; 94 new deaths were added, with a total of 4873 deaths.

Tokyo and other four prefectures entered a state of emergency on the 8th, and Osaka Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture and other seven prefectures and counties also entered a state of emergency from the 14th. However, the state of emergency is not mandatory, there is no “city closure” and schools are not required to close. The main measures include asking people to avoid going out as much as possible, shortening the business hours of restaurants and so on. After these areas entered the state of emergency, the Japanese epidemic did not appear obvious There were 1471 new confirmed cases in Tokyo on the 21st, more than 1000 new cases in a single day for nine consecutive days, with a total of 90659 confirmed cases. Since January, there have been 30482 new confirmed cases.

Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei said in parliament on the 21st that the number of new crown infections remains at a high level and it is necessary to deal with them seriously, especially to strengthen the work for young people.

Japan has signed agreements or reached intentions with three European and American companies, including Pfizer, according to Kyodo news agency. The first 10000 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine may be delivered to Japan in mid February. Japan’s minister in charge of administrative reform is responsible for coordinating vaccination work Taro Kono said on the 22nd that he planned to vaccinate some medical staff from late February.

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