US policy turns to return to who Paris Agreement

(Hong Kong Wen Wei Po comprehensive report) the day before yesterday, new US President Biden immediately started a series of work after he was sworn in. He signed a total of 17 executive orders, memoranda and departmental directives in the White House, most of which overturned the controversial policies of former president trump. The new directives included mandatory wearing masks, returning to the World Health Organization and other measures aimed at controlling the epidemic situation, and also re joined the emergency response The Paris Agreement on climate change and the ban on Tourism in some Muslim countries.

US policy turns to return to who Paris Agreement ● the Bidens step into the White House and become new owners

Biden did not mention trump in his 21 minute inaugural address, but he mentioned that the government still has a lot of work to repair, rebuild, heal and build the country in the next four years. After the inaugural ceremony, Biden entered the White House as president for the first time, and then signed a number of documents in the Oval Office. During the process, he wore a mask and told reporters that “there is no better way to open the white house than today The day when I started to work.

The new epidemic caused more than 400000 deaths in the United States. Biden’s early policy goal was to curb the epidemic. The newly signed executive order included the “100 day challenge of wearing masks”, requiring all people to wear masks for 100 days to fight the epidemic. At the same time, the order of wearing masks was implemented in federal government buildings, and social distance was required. Transparent plastic sheets were immediately added to the desk in the White House Trump’s decision to ask the United States to withdraw from the who was originally scheduled to take effect in July this year. Biden instructed the day before yesterday to stop the procedure of withdrawing from the WHO and sent his chief medical adviser fudge to lead a delegation to participate in this week’s who meeting.

Stop the US gas pipeline project

The climate policy of the last administration caused great controversy. Biden, who promised to let the United States achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050, instructed the United States to return to the Paris Agreement in an executive order. The relevant procedures will take 30 days, and then the United States will become a member of the agreement again. In addition, Biden also called for the suspension of the “cornerstone XL” of the oil pipeline project connecting the United States and Canada, and asked all departments to review and implement the “cornerstone XL” of the oil pipeline project Change more than 100 climate related policies implemented during Trump’s term of office.

However, Biden’s environmental protection policy still faces some resistance in American society. For example, governor Dunleavy of Alaska, a Republican, mocks Biden’s promise to turn Alaska into a large national park. The American Petroleum Association also criticizes blocking the construction of the US Canada oil pipeline as a “step backward.”.

Stop building the wall and lift the ban on Muslim countries

Among the newly signed executive orders, up to five are related to immigration policies, including stopping the construction of the U.S. – Mexico border fence, lifting the entry ban against 13 Muslim and African countries, canceling the measures to strengthen immigration law enforcement during Trump’s term of office, suspending the expulsion of some immigrants, and instructing relevant departments to retain the “delayed repatriation of childhood arrivals” (DACA), commonly known as the “dreamer” program The immigration policy has not yet obtained cross party support in Congress. In the future, it is still difficult to legislate and implement a larger scale immigration bill, such as making 11 million undocumented immigrants obtain citizenship within eight years.

After the inauguration ceremony and the presentation of flowers to Arlington National Cemetery, the new government officials ushered in a series of celebrations in the evening. In response to the epidemic, the traditional inauguration dinner was replaced by a special TV program. Justin Timberlake and other singers were invited to perform through the video. Finally, Biden and his wife enjoyed the fireworks together on the balcony of the White House, ending the whole day’s activities.

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