Reveal the secret! “Post White House era” of trump and his team

Source map: trump, burns and Pompeo. (Getty)

[Chen Xiang, special correspondent of global times in the United States, Liu Haoran, special correspondent of Global Times] Trump’s career in the White House officially ended on the 20th, and the whereabouts of the former president and his team have recently attracted attention. However, their “post White House era” is somewhat embarrassed – the former president “has a family to go back to”, the former vice president “is not free financially”, and many former assistants have failed to find a job because of “following the wrong leader”, which has aroused public outcry.

Trump: haven’t you lived long at sea lake manor?

According to the plan, trump will return to sea lake manor in Florida after leaving office, but his wife Melania began to actively look for properties in Florida at the end of his term of office, the San Jose messenger reported on the 20th, which triggered widespread speculation about where the family intends to live?

According to NPR, many of Trump’s “hometown fathers” in Palm Beach, Florida do not welcome him back. Political factors aside, the settlement of a former president will cause a lot of inconvenience to the neighborhood. Some local residents said dissatisfied, “every time he comes, we have to close the road.”. Residents’ representatives also reported to municipal officials through lawyers that there were many illegal buildings in the trump family, such as the flagpole was too high, and there was also a helicopter apron (which should be removed after leaving office). More lawyers wrote to the local government, saying that the trumps had no right to live in Haihu manor for a long time. According to people familiar with the matter, the property nature of Haihu manor is special: trump changed it from a private house to a commercial club in the 1990s. He should not stay here for more than 21 days a year, let alone “settle down” here. Palm Beach Daily said on the 19th that the incident had been raised to the level of the town government, but relevant officials cautiously said that they would not rush to deal with the issue before confirming that the trumps really want to settle here.

“San Jose messenger” also speculated that Melania everywhere “house” may also be related to the couple’s marital status. It has long been rumored that trump and his wife have quarreled and separated. Recently, “insiders” have claimed that Melania and Trump’s separation is “calculated by the minute”.


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